dnt u wa naa dance up on mee

so this is the last song in my little ☆TRYING TO BE A POPSTAR☆ project thing.
it’s been really really fun writing lyrics that aren’t super personal for the first time like, ever.
i used britney as inspo for this one obvv. i’m a slave 4 u is a really awesome track and a really really really great title so i kinda just listened to that over and over and tried to copy it.
usually when i make songs i’m almost scared to let anyone listen to them in case they can make out what i’m saying (because i’m usually saying stuff that should really be kept to a diary probably) but with these i haven’t been trying to be like,  r e a ll y    h on  e s t   and    s p e a k i n g     fr o m    t h e     h ea rt     and that’s been cool.
i didn’t really actually succeed in making music that sounds anything like beyonce or shakira or j lo or britney but whatever, it’s been interesting anyway.

i will be putting the four tracks up on bandcamp for yous to download fo free soonish, along with covers of songs by each of these ladies :3

i know she may be young
but she’s got feelings too
and she needs to do
what she feels like doing.
so let her go, and just listen

look at her over there, running her fingers through her hair
she’s done it for you, wants you to stare
wants you to take her back to your lair

entrances you with eyes
forces you to tie
her up and
use her like you want to
you won’t defy

look at her on the floor, she’s screaming out for more and more
do what she wants or she’ll show you the door
just cos she wants it don’t make her a whore


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